Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists at The Kids Place love working with all young children between 4 and 6 years to prepare them for school. Some children may be struggling with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, organisational skills, and/or, have struggles with confidence or attention.  

After an initial consultation where we make clinical observations using play we can offer either an individualised block of sessions ( PT / OT, or a combination ), or you may be interested in your child joining our School Readiness Squads.

At The Kids Place:

we can support your pre school child by providing

  • games and activities to help develop all underpinning skills for learning i.e. visual perception, memory.
  • fine motor skills to support the development of handwriting.
  • strength and stamina activities in our fun gym (core, upper limb/ hand, and lower limb).
  • activities to support the development of balance, climbing and ball/ visual tracking skills.
  • experiences with playground equipment that may help them get used to the school playground.
  • fun learning tasks that will help them gain confidence with classroom activities.
  • social/communication skills with peers ( when in a group setting ).
  • the opportunity to develop self-esteem and confidence in a small and safe environment
  • experiences to develop organisation and independence.
  • school transition meetings with the teacher either before or within the first term of the child starting.
  • formal assessments such as the Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (MAP).

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