Children with poor balance may often trip or fall and bump into things around the home and classroom or struggle with playground equipment and/or other gross motor skills.

Balance is the ability to maintain our body’s position in space and within our base of support when moving (dynamic balance) or being still (static balance).We also require core stability and good postural control to maintain and regain our balance and posture during specific tasks.

The importance of dynamic balance is obvious when we think about running, learning to ride a bike, walking along a beam, moving between rocks at the beach, playing sport or climbing in the playground.

But children also require static balance in order to sit symmetrically at a table for handwriting, threading, standing on one foot, or playing ‘statues’ or ‘freeze’. Static balance is also a very important skill that supports a child’s ability to pay attention.

Balance requires many different systems (vestibular, proprioception, visual, core stability, strength and postural control) to be working effectively and efficiently in order for us to do all that is expected as we develop and grow. Sometimes one or more systems may lag behind or not be fully integrated, which then means we struggle to keep up with our peers and can easily lose confidence, especially if a fall or injury may have occurred whilst playing.

At The Kids Place:

  • We will assess and practice all aspects required in both dynamic and static balance in a fun and engaging way with age-appropriate activities and games.
  • We may do sessions at a playground or at the beach or park where we can transfer the skills practiced into the child’s environment. This may include practicing riding a scooter or bike if this is part of the child and family goals.
  • We can link up with a child’s sports coach or teacher and support the child by providing strategies for trainings or PE classes. Your child being able to gain the confidence and self esteem to participate successfully in their favourite gross motor activities is an important part of our work.
  • Home programs can be provided with a focus on balance skills and activities

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