Play is the primary occupation of each child. It is an important means by which children develop motor skills, social skills, emotion regulation and thinking skills. Some children have difficulties independently developing their play skills for physical, emotional, sensory, or attention reasons. At The Kids Place we all love to support a child to have fun and to develop their play skills along with supporting the child and family to transition these play skills into their home and wider life. 

At The Kids Place:

  • We provide opportunities in sessions to explore toys and their environment so that kids have fun while learning something new.
  • We provide guidance about individualised environmental set ups to create the best environment for your child to develop their play skills.
  • We can recommend toys and play activities that suit your child’s current developmental skills and at the same time build sensory, motor and cognitive-perceptual development.
  • We guide parents on how they can use play as a means to foster connection, encourage interaction and develop the skills of their child.
  • We offer group sessions to help children learn to interact with and have fun with peers.

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