Understanding a child’s pain is important as it can be very debilitating. Children often struggle to learn which pains they can ignore, and which are more serious. Pain can result in children being unable to engage in normal age appropriate activities such as going to school or socialising with peers.

Acute pain following an injury (such as an ankle sprain) can lead to a child being more fearful of moving and prolonging recovery. If left unmanaged, pain can continue and become more chronic in nature, resulting in long term health and development issues.

At The Kids Place:

  • We see our role as helping the child and family to understand pain, provide advice on coping strategies and offer support so your child can return to school, normal activities and play.
  • After assessing your child, we can provide you both with advice, education and resources to assist optimal recovery.

A collaborative therapy approach is important to us. We are able to link in with other healthcare providers, including the public therapy team, as well as kindergarten and school to ensure carry over of goals and treatment advice.

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