Difficulties with attention and organisation can greatly impact a child both academically and socially. An Occupational Therapist at The Kids Place can explore the factors that may be the reason behind your child’s difficulties and support them to build their skills in these areas. Whether or not your child has a specific diagnosis from a Paediatrician we can work with you in the following ways.

At The Kids Place:

  • We conduct screenings and assessments of the many underlying skills which may affect attention and concentration (e.g. visual and auditory memory, sensory processing difficulties, visual skills ).
  • We offer individual sessions to develop the skills required for sustained attention and concentration.
  • We support your child to learn how to self-monitor and implement strategies to ready their body for learning.
  • We provide strategies and recommendations to support attention and organisation at home and school. This may include changing positioning in the classroom, supports like a fidget toy, decluttering visual stimulation, to name just a few of many options.
  • We meet with other professionals (e.g. teachers) to plan how to best support your child’s learning journey and maximise their potential.
  • We offer formal and informal feedback to other professionals (e.g. paediatricians) if requested by you.
  • We are happy to write a short referral to a Paediatrician of your choice if you wish for further investigation, and request this from us in writing ( email ).

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