We love to see all children grow in self-confidence as they master everyday living skills.  Learning to perform developmentally or age appropriate self-care tasks independently can be a challenge for some children.  If daily routines such as dressing, bathing and getting ready for school are a struggle we can help.

At The Kids Place:

  • We can provide assessments to determine the underlying cause of the child’s difficulties.
  • We provide individual therapy to address underlying difficulties related to independent self care skills (e.g. fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing). For example your child may struggle with static balance so finds it is difficult to dress themselves, or may be tactile sensitive and struggle to want to wear certain clothes.
  • We support with the development of strategies to increase participation and independence in self-care routines.
  • We teach dressing skills for example tying shoe laces, putting on a T shirt etc and explain the process of grading for different self care tasks.
  • We suggest ideas to support independent washing, teeth brushing toileting, self-management and organisation skills.
  • We create sensory diets tailored to the individual child.
  • We provide home programs for self care skills.

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