who we are

We are a team of experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who support children with developmental delays, learning difficulties, balance and co-ordination difficulties, self esteem and sensory processing challenges, to reach their full potential. We are based in Auckland and support children and families / whanau nationwide.

PAEDIATRIC Occupational therapists

PAEDIATRIC Occupational therapists

At the Kids Place our Paediatric Occupational Therapists support children to fully participate in all aspects of home, school and community life. We work with babies and children to overcome challenges they may have with play, learning, attention, movement skills and individual sensory and emotional challenges.

Occupational Therapists for Children

Our Occupational Therapists (often along side our Physiotherapists) introduce and implement therapies/ strategies to support the development of a child's self-care, play, motor, learning, sensory processing and emotional regulation skills. 

Our occupational therapy sessions aim to teach and transfer the practical and functional life skills required to enable a child to thrive in all of their environments. We offer individual and group therapy sessions for children. Our Occupational Therapists work closely with family / whanau, teachers and other caregivers to help fully transfer the child's new skills and strategies into everyday life.

Our Occupational Therapists offer formal paediatric occupational therapy assessments and follow up therapy support, to provide a holistic, goal directed treatment approach for the child and family / whanau. The family / whanau involvement is an essential part of the therapy process.

We support children with and without a diagnosis. We always offer individualised therapy collaborating with the child and their family / whanau to design a program which supports them to achieve their goals and reach their potential.



As Paediatric Physiotherapists at The Kids Place our primary aim is to support and encourage babies and children to develop their motor skills, independence and confidence in all areas of play and development, to be the very best they can.

Physiotherapists for Children

Our Physiotherapists provide paediatric physiotherapy assessments, clinical observations and treatment (often alongside our Occupational Therapist colleagues) to provide a holistic, goal directed treatment approach with the family / whanau.

Our Physiotherapists are trained in and use a Neurodevelopmental (NDT) or Bobath approach in our therapy with children who have a neuromotor or motor delay. This treatment is a goal-orientated and task-specific approach through play. Its aim is to encourage and increase the child’s ability to move and function as normally as possible. Family / whanau and carers involvement is an essential part of this therapy process. The use of facilitation and handling techniques enables the child to move in the most efficient way, aiming to reduce (as much as possible) the secondary effects such as loss of joint range.

Our Physiotherapists understand the importance of making the sessions play led, fun and engaging for each child to ensure the child gains success and confidence to try new and challenging skills or tasks. We work closely with each family, school or pre-school to help transfer the skills learnt at The Kids’ Place into the home, school or sports field. 

We offer individual and group therapy sessions to suit the child’s needs and abilities. 

Disability at the Kids Place