Early detection of developmental delays and subsequent intervention by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists with skills in paediatrics, can significantly improve a child’s quality of life and social outcomes. 

However, unlike many other OECD countries, the NZ public health and education systems have not had the resources available to prioritise treatment for many of these children and are unable to provide adequate services to support them.

Every week the Kids Place is contacted by families with children who need treatment but who are unable to access help through the public system and dont have the resources to pay for treatment with us.

The Kids’ Place does not yet have the financial resources to provide support for many of these children, leaving them unable to access intervention.

We have been exploring ways to help and in August 2023, The Kids Place was granted Registered Charitable Company status (#CC61449). This ensures that all profits are used to support the children we look after. Charitable Company status also enables The Kids Place to seek financial support to expand our services, improve the quality and enable more children to receive the support they need.

If youd like to help support The Kids Place to help children who could not otherwise access treatment, and receive a tax rebate for charitable giving please click the links below to donate and/or for more information

We hope to set up a way to make payments easy with a simple payment click on this website very soon.
Until then thank you so much for using the "long method “ to help us to support more children and grow our services.

Bank account details for The Kids Place Ltd : BNZ: 02-0316-0651395-000 
Please us know if you have made a donation and a donation receipt will be issued.
If you would like some more information before donating please contact Sarah Deane