At The Kids Place we recognise that physical and emotional health are closely intertwined.  When children experience big emotions such as anger or anxiety we often see big behaviours. We look beyond the child’s behaviour and seek to understand what is happening for the child in order to help them navigate those big feelings.

At The Kids Place:

we offer support for the child and the family / whanau in the following ways.

  • One on one sessions with the child (normally booked as a block of 5 sessions) that have the session content tailored to the age / individual needs of the child. Goals may include:
    • Increasing the child’s ability to understand and recognise emotions in themselves and others.
    • Understanding what is happening in their brains and body when they have big feelings.
    • Increasing the child’s ability to recognise the cues their body is giving them. This is called Interoception.
    • The development of a toolbox of practical strategies to help the child remain in control of their big feelings.
    • Feedback to parents/caregiver, and pre school /school if the family wishes.
  • Group sessions: An opportunity for children to develop their emotional regulation skills in a group environment and the development of the skills required for successful peer relationships.
  • Parent coaching sessions:
    • An opportunity to meet 1:1 with a therapist to discuss specific challenges your child/family is experiencing.
    • Development of a plan providing practical strategies of how best to support your child.

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