Jenny Giffen

Occupational Therapist

Jenny is an Occupational Therapist with over 7 years of experience. Qualifying in the UK she has worked in the UK, America and New Zealand with much of her career being spent in paediatrics. She has worked in both physical and mental health settings and has a wide range of experience which includes working with children on the autistic spectrum, developmental delays, sensory processing difficulties, dyspraxia, learning difficulties, anxiety and trauma. Having parented a child with additional needs herself means that Jenny understands the unique challenges this can bring from a personal as well as a professional perspective.

Jenny understands that children learn best when they are comfortable and therefore makes therapy sessions enjoyable as well as effective working from the unique strengths and interests of each child. She is experienced in supporting children with challenging behaviours and values the child’s emotional health, seeking to nurture self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing. As well as being a mum to three young boys of her Jenny is an experienced foster parent and understands well the need to meet the needs of the individual child within the context of the family and the wider community (e.g. school) to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Specific areas of interest/further training include

  • Sensory Integration (including the ALERT Program and Wilbarger Therapeutic Brushing technique)
  • Child Development and Trauma (Open Home Foundation) Understanding Challenging Behaviour (Open Home Foundation)
  • Essentials of Praxis (motor planning) Intervention for Children with Autism (The Spiral Foundation)
  • Creative Paediatric Treatment Strategies
    Executive Functioning Short Course (The OT Toolbox) Introduction to Special Education (Brenau University, Atlanta GA)