Camilla Saxby


Camilla is a NZ registered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience. Camilla has spent much of her career in paediatrics in both the UK and NZ, and has valuable expertise working with developmental delays, hypotonia, motor dyspraxia / developmental coordination difficulties, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, neuromuscular conditions and complex paediatric pain .

Camilla works through play-based therapy and seeks to make therapy a fun and enjoyable experience. Camilla has two children of her own, who keep her active and aware of the ever changing needs and pressures within family life and a busy household.

Camilla is focused on ensuring each child she works with reaches their potential; encouraging and developing their self-esteem and confidence so they can achieve their goals and feel confident to try anything.

Camilla has completed many post-graduate training programmes and attended conferences increasing her area of expertise and interest including;

  • Developmental Coordination Difficulties (DCD) workshops, conferences and webinars on both in the UK and NZ
  • 8 week Paediatric Bobath Course (Bobath Centre, London UK ),
  • Normal movement workshop (NZ Bobath Neuro-developmental Therapy Association) 2017
  • Typical child development (Australian Bobath Neuro-developmental Therapy Association) 2021
  • Early Assessment and Intervention for babies and young children (Bobath Centre, London, UK)
  • Neuromuscular Conferences NZ
  • Paediatric Pain Management (International Symposium on Paediatric Pain Management, Basel, Switzerland 2019; NZ Pain Society “Pain through the Ages” NZ 2015 and 3 day workshop at the, Germany 2019; NZ Pain Society Conference “Pain through the Ages” 2015 Auckland, NZ)
  • Overcoming anxiety “Helping children and young people find their brave”