What we Do

what we do

We help babies, pre-schoolers and school age children who need assistance with reaching their developmental potential. This includes children who experience difficulties with balance, co-ordination & movement, fine motor skills (including hand writing), visual perceptual skills, sensory processing difficulties, and more. We work with children in a well equipped and fun therapy gym. 

  • The therapists at The Kids’ Place recognise that each baby and child is unique and special therefore requires an individualised therapy approach.
  • Developmental difficulties can display themselves in many ways. The therapists at The Kids’ Place can help families to prioritise where to start.
  • At The Kids’ Place we work as a multi-disciplinary team. Our experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists each have their own areas of expertise and special interests. We can assess and tailor a programme to best suit your baby or child’s individual needs.
  • The therapy team uses a mixture of clinical observations, developmental screenings, therapeutic tools and formal assessments to design individualised intervention plans.
  • Therapists use a wide range of well-respected neuro-developmental and sensory-integrative techniques as well as motor, auditory, perceptual, ocular motor, hand-writing, memory and social skills programmes.
  • Therapists use a combination of movement, play and activity based programs as the primary intervention tools to support your child’s therapy sessions.
  • We believe in working in partnership with families, educators and other health professionals.
  • We support the family in gaining understanding of their child’s difficulties and reasons for their behaviour. This can then have a positive impact on the parent/ child or teacher/ child relationship.
  • We encourage the family to practise the child’s emerging skills within the home and school environments. When activities relating to the child’s programme are carried out daily within a child’s home, we typically see much quicker progress and mastering of new skills.
  • The therapists at The Kids’ Place are able to visit your child’s home, pre-school or school and can provide practical support to help your child to reach their full possible potential in each environment.
  • The Kids’ Place has connections with a wide range of other health and educational professionals and will recommend a referral if required. At times it may be important that a medical assessment is carried out by a GP, Paediatrician, or Neurologist to rule out other medical issues. Biomedical and nutritional needs may also need to be assessed.