Our therapists can help support rehabilitation and recovery following illness or surgery, by providing advice and exercises/activities to help with improving:

  • Mobility
  • Activities of daily living
  • Muscle strength and joint range of movement
  • Functional independence
  • Return to sport and other leisure activities
  • Minimise pain
At The Kids Place:

  • Treatment may include stretching, strengthening, balance or gait retraining, working on normal movement patterns and activities of daily living; as well as education and support to parents, caregivers and teachers.
  • Shared sessions with an Occupational Therapist can also be organised to assist your child with improving their rehabilitation and functional independence (including activities of daily living, fine motor skills and leisure activities).

A collaborative therapy approach is important to us. We are able to link in with other healthcare providers, including your Specialists, the public therapy team, as well as kindergarten and school, to ensure carry over of goals and rehabilitation advice.

*Please note we are NOT ACC accredited

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