You may have noticed that your baby’s head is tilted to one side or that he/she is having trouble moving their head to turn towards you. This could be a sign of muscular torticollis.

Babies with congenital or muscular torticollis experience reduced neck and head movement to one direction. Left untreated, it can cause feeding difficulties and possible alteration of the baby’s head shape, also known as plagiocephaly.

Early intervention is important to help restore your baby’s range of movement, function and continued acquisition of motor milestones.

At The Kids Place:

  • We can give advice, specific exercises and ideas on how to best position your baby to assist with the achievement of midline head and postural control.
  • We can provide you with a home programme so that you can continue on with exercises and positioning in your home.
  • We work closely with other health providers, including your community therapist and paediatrician, for optimum carryover of therapy.

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